Left to right: Dolly Gremundson, occupational therapist; Creighton Rehm; and Jill Forbes, physical therapist assistant

After a fall led to a subdural hemorrhage and lumbar fracture, Creighton Rehm came to Life Care Center of Salt Lake City, for rehabilitation.


When he arrived on Dec. 4, 2018, Rhem, who also has atrial fibrillation, was unsteady on his feet and needed moderate assistance with hygiene, bathing and getting dressed. He also needed some help with mobility – including walking, balance, bed mobility, sitting down and standing up.


Rhem participated in physical and occupational therapies six days a week and speech therapy five days a week. Therapists used the NuStep® seated exercise machine to help him regain strength and range of motion, as well as a lot of therapeutic exercises to build his strength and activity tolerance.


“Therapy helped me get stronger and walk a little more steady,” said Rhem.


“Creighton was fun to work with, and he worked really hard to return home,” said Jill Forbes, physical therapist assistant.


Rhem did indeed return home on Jan. 17, 2019. He now only needs supervision for walking, standing and bathing and is independent in his other mobility and activities of daily life.