Left to right: Becky Hopkins, occupational therapist; Liz Woodson; and Ashley Mwongela, physical therapist

After Kelly “Liz” Woodson made the commitment to have both of her legs amputated below the knee due to severe frostbite, she came to Life Care Center of Salt Lake City on April 12, 2017, for rehabilitation.


And rehabilitate she did.


Woodson worked endlessly and tirelessly with the new prosthetics she received while at Life Care. She worked with her rehab team on exercises to strengthen her lower body and core, as well as improve her motor control, proprioception, activity tolerance and cognitive skills.


“Liz is an impressive individual working hard for all her gains and independence,” said Ashley Mwongela, physical therapist. “She improved in all of her functional outcomes.”


Becky Hopkins, occupational therapist, added, “Liz is a hard worker and constantly pushes herself to improve. She listened to her therapists and tried to follow all of their instructions.”


Not only did Woodson work on the physical and functional aspects of her life, but she also worked with the social workers at Life Care Center of Salt Lake City to better her living conditions when it was time for her to go back out in the community.


“When you see Liz, your day just gets better,” said Kasandra Atkinson, social services director. “Her motivation to continue and her push to be better are seen by everyone each day. Her resiliency is what is going to keep her going no matter what obstacles life throws her way.”


Woodson completed therapy on July 20.


As of Sept. 8, Woodson is in her new apartment, thanks to the help of many local and state agencies, as well as Chloe Cox, social services assistant. Never did she give up hope. Nor would she take “no” for an answer. Each individual, from the admissions director to the people she was discharged with, ensured the best possible outcome for her independence.