Margene Hardy with Betty Hopkins, occupational therapist

After Margene Hardy was diagnosed and treated for a urinary tract infection, she needed rehabilitation for muscle weakness.


When Hardy was referred to Life Care Center of Salt Lake City, Utah, she needed moderate to minimal assistance with transfers and daily living exercises. Upon admission, she had trouble with her balance.


Hardy participated in both physical and occupational therapy exercises. Physical therapists worked with Hardy to strengthen her abdominal and pelvic muscles through E-Stim and pelvic floor exercises six times per week. Occupational therapists provided her with training to perform daily living tasks without losing balance.


“Margene was so fun to work with!” said Becky Hopkins, occupational therapist. “She was eager to learn and implement the techniques and exercises that I taught her. Now she is independent with most of her activities of daily living.”


Upon discharge, Hardy could stand securely and walk to the restroom unaided.


“Therapy was challenging!” said Hardy. “But it helped me so much. They have taught me some great things that have changed my life.”


Hardy returned home on Sept. 11, 2018.