Left to right: Joel Longhurst, speech therapist; Aloha Vietti; and Arlene Robinson, physical therapist assistant

After having surgery for a small bowel obstruction, Aloha Vietti needed rehabilitation to regain enough independence to return home.


Vietti came to Life Care Center of Salt Lake City on Oct. 29, 2018, needing total to moderate assistance with her mobility and activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing and grooming. She also had difficulty with her voice and with swallowing.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Vietti six days a week, while she took part in speech therapy five days a week. PT addressed her strength and mobility issues, while OT helped her with self-care tasks. She made significant gains in all areas and is now independent in her bed mobility, sitting balance, swallowing and speech. She only needs supervision in the areas of hygiene, walking and standing, and she needs minimal assistance with getting dressed and transferring from one surface to another.


"You guys made me work [in therapy], but it has made me better enough to go home,” Vietti said to her therapy team.


“Aloha has been a wonderful patient,” said Arlene Robinson, physical therapist assistant. “She’s always done therapy to the best of her ability and with a great attitude.”


Vietti returned home on Dec. 6.