Left to right: Joel Longhurst, speech therapist; Gayle Burton; Kyle Hofer, director of therapy; and Jill Wenneson, physical therapist

In October 2018, Gayle Burton was admitted to Life Care Center of Salt Lake City, Utah, with fractures in her right clavicle and right tibia.


Her injuries prevented her from standing or walking, even with the use of a walker, and she could not perform basic self-care tasks without assistance.


Life Care Center of Salt Lake City provided physical and occupational therapies to improve Burton’s mobility and help her perform hygiene tasks independently and dress herself.


Physical therapy consisted of strengthening activities and practical strategies that helped Burton regain her balance, walking ability and ability to transfer between her bed, wheelchair and walker. Occupational therapy taught Burton the safest and most effective ways to dress herself, bathe, manage her medicine and perform other self-care tasks.


Burton worked hard and made improvements throughout the therapy process.


“Therapy was really good,” said Burton. “It was hard work, but I learned some really great things, like how to put less weight on my injured leg while walking so I don’t hurt it again.”  


Upon completion of therapy, Burton was able to stand, transfer and walk moderate distances with a walker. She could also perform all of her self-care and hygiene tasks with independence or minimal assistance.


She returned home on Dec. 14, 2018, excited about her condition and the progress she had made.


“I have gotten so much better now that I can put some weight on my right leg,” Burton said.